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There are many ways that you can support theTibetan Community of NSW.

Become a Member
Any person of Tibetan origin and aged 18 years or over, permanently residing in Australia, and any person who is the spouse of a person of Tibetan origin, will be eligible to be a member of the Tibetan Community of Australia (NSW) Inc.

For a small membership fee of only $30 per year, you can become an official member of the Tibetan Community NSW.

As a member -
• You receive 10% discount of all our paid events.       
• You are entitled to be elected or to vote at the election of the EC members of the Tibetan Community of NSW.    
• You are included in the Community’s mailing list.
• You show your loyalty and integrity to the Tibetan Community at large.
• You support the preservation and promotion of the Tibetan culture and tradition.

Become a Friend of the Community
Any person can become a Friend of the Community. The annual subscription for Friends of the Community is only $20.

Make Donation 
Please consider making donation in the form of money, time or expertise to the Community. 
• Our goal is to preserve and promote the rich Tibetan cultural tradition.

Please fill member ship online form, To do that first you need to register. After registeration you can sign up all your family members. Click here


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