Northern beaches Tibetans and members of parliament

TWO members of the northern beaches Tibetan community will head to Canberra to advocate for their country and its people.

Phurbu Khonnyi Tsang, 29, and Tenzin Deky, 19, will meet with 42 federal government MPs to talk about the plight of Tibet under Chinese rule and ask the Australian government for assistance on Tibet Advocacy Day on Monday.

Mr Khonnyi Tsang and Ms Deky said they would request the Australian government meet with the Tibetan government in exile, for Prime Minister Tony Abbott to meet with the Dalai Lama when the Tibetan spiritual leader comes to Australia, and for Australia to help facilitate a dialogue between Chinese and Tibetan leaders.

They will be among a dozen Tibetans from across Australia who will travel to Canberra for the advocacy venture.

Mr Khonnyi Tsang, 29, was eight when he left Tibet for India, and settled in Australia in 2009.

He hoped to give voice to his fellow Tibetans still in his home country.

“We take this opportunity to tell the story of what’s happening in Tibet, the problems and tortures and murders,” he said.

“It’s unacceptable for us to be silent.”

Ms Deky called for the Australian government to support the human rights of Tibetans.

“We want rights, human rights, religious freedom,” she said.