How you can help

In Western imagination Tibet is a Shangri-la, the place of eternal youth, but to Tibetans their is a country under Chinese occupation where 1.2 million Tibetans have died as a direct result of alien rule. It is a country oppressed by a brutal military dictatorship that cracks down on every form of dissent. Tibetans under Chinese rule suffer from the lack of all rights that we take for granted elsewhere in the world. There is no freedom of speech and assembly, and anyone caught exercising these human rights is put behind bars. This situation has remained unchanged ever since 1949 when China invaded Tibet.

What you can do:

Talk about Tibet – Keep what’s happening in Tibet alive. Raise the awareness of  Tibet in your community, through local politics or informal discussion at schools or libraries. Local events, such as video screenings and talks, are at the heart of the recent growth in grassroots support for Tibet. Invite speakers to address church, community and professional groups.

Keep informed – Contact the following Offices in Australia to find out what’s going on and how you can help Tibet. There are over 300 Tibet Support Groups worldwide. For more information check the websites: or

Tibet Information Office
14 Napier Close,
Deakin, Canberra
ACT 2600

Phone: 02-6285 4046
Fax:      02-6282 4301


If you or your Organisation would like to provide financial assistance, please note our bank details and postal address below:

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Account Name
Tibetan Community of Australia (NSW) Inc.


Account Number

Donations can also be sent to:

Tibetan Community of Australia (NSW) Inc.
P.O. Box No: 1759
Dee Why, NSW 2099

Contact No +61 426 261 805